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Substantiate  [  suh’ b-STAN-shee-eyt  ]   [  transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. to confirm or prove using evidence 2. to embody or give form or material to   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   Any accusation has to be substantiated with hard evidence.


Slander  [  SLAN-der  ]   [  noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (n.) defamation, a false statement that harms the reputation of another or calumny 2. (tr.v.) to defame, malign or vilify 3. (intr.v.) to spread or circulate slander   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   He filed a lawsuit citing slander of his good name.


Scuttle  [  SKUHT-l  ]   [  noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (n.) a scamper, short run or scurry 2. (n.) an open, broad and shallow basket that usually is used to carry vegetables or grain 3. (intr.v.) to run or scamper away 4. (tr.v.) to sink by, on purpose, making holes or opening in the bottom of a ship or other nautical vessel   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   He scuttled ahead and managed to catch the bus.


Travail  [  truh'-VEYL, TRAV-eyl  ]   [  noun, intransitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (n.) toil or laborious work 2. (n.) anguish, torment, hardship or agony 3. (n.) labour or pain of childbirth 4. (intr.v.) to be in labour 5. (intr.v.) to toil or work laboriously   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The story made a mockery of the travails faced by the people of the past century.


Tarn  [  tahrn  ]   [  noun  ]   MEANING :   a small lake or pool esp. one that is in a cirque   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The tarn was considered dangerous as many people had drowned in it.


Slither  [  SLITH’ -er  ]   [  noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (intr.v.) to glide, slip or slide like the motion of a reptile 2. (intr.v.) to move or walk with a sliding motion 3. (tr.v.) to cause to glide or slide 4. (n.) sliding or gliding motion   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   Being cursed, he lost the power to use his legs and often slithered around.


Shrew  [  shroo  ]   [  noun, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. an ill-tempered woman known for her scolding 2. a small, mouse-like insectivorous mammal that has a long, pointed snout and soft fur   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The shrew screeched the house down.


Spectral  [  SPEK-truh’ l  ]   [  adjective  ]   MEANING :   1. spectral or ghostly 2. pertaining to, resembling or of a spectre 3. related to or of a spectrum   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The detective set up machines to record spectral activity in the vicinity.


Scurry  [  SKUR-ee, SKUHR-ee  ]   [  noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (intr.v.) to hurry or scamper hastily 2. (tr.v.) to send along in a hurried manner 3. (n.) a scamper or rush   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   Mice scurried around the dingy hallway.


Throng  [  thrawng, throng  ]   [  noun, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (n.) crowd or multitude of people 2. (tr.v.) to jostle, crowd or throng 3. (intr.v.) to assemble, throng or crowd   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   A throng of protestors gathered in front of the Parliament House.

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