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Discredit [ dis-KRED-it ][ noun, transitive verb ]MEANING :1. (tr.v.) to disbelieve or deny credibility
2. (tr.v.) to disgrace or damage reputation
3. (n.) disgrace or damage to reputation
4. (n.) doubt or disbeliefUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :The government discredited the findings of the reporting agency.


Bigotry [ BIG-uh-tree ][ noun ]MEANING :1. obtuse or complete intolerance of any other race or religion
2. the attitude, beliefs, prejudices of a bigotUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :The bigotry visible in his statements angered many people.


Tribulation [ trib-yuh'-LEY-shuh'n ][ noun ]MEANING :1. (n.) serious trouble or suffering
2. (n.) distress or hardshipUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :The tribulations faced by the families of the freedom fighters are often not known.


Unfaltering [ uh'n-FAWL-ter-ing  ][ adjective ]MEANING :1. without wavering or hesitating
2. moving steadily
3. being steadfastUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :Although he was devastated by grief, he read the eulogy at his father’s funeral with an unfaltering voice.