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Modish  [  MOH-dish  ]   [  adjective  ]   MEANING :   fashionable, modern, stylish or chic   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   Her modish sense of style set her apart from the other First Ladies.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   The medispa is a 'modish' space to heal and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. 


Lax  [  laks  ]   [  adjective  ]   MEANING :   1. negligent, careless or lacking vigour 2. slack, loose or not rigid or taut 3. (of the bowels) loose or not retentive 4. (phonetics) articulated by relaxing jaw and tongue muscles   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The lax attitude displayed by the manager resulted in severe losses to the company.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   Ms Harman's intervention in the pension row came as the Conservatives condemned British regulators for taking "too lax" an approach towards financial misdemeanours.


Maim  [  meym  ]   [  noun, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (tr.v.) to impair or render defective 2. (tr.v.) to mutilate, injure or batter 3. (n.) an injury or impairment 4. (n.) defect or blemish   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The prototype was maimed as the quality assurance tests completely failed.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   Marine charity The Sea Trust says fast moving boats passing through environmentally sensitive areas could kill or maim dolphins and other wildlife.


Litany  [  LIT-n-ee  ]   [  noun  ]   MEANING :   1. a prayer that is part of a liturgy and consists of a series of recitals of invocation by a leader that is alternated with fixed responses by the congregation. 2. a resonant or repetitive recital or chant 3. a dreary or tedious account   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The boring litany about the travels undertaken by Captain Wells was poorly received by the audience.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   Last year it signed an exclusive deal to supply RIM's BlackBerry Storm, but industry experts have suggested a litany of problems with the phone's operating system have suppressed sales. 


Gorge  [  gawrj  ]   [  noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (n.) a ravine or narrow passage or cleft that has rocky sides 2. (n.) one's gullet or throat 3. (tr.v.) to eat, stuff or devour food greedily 4. (intr.v.) to greedily consume food   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   This particular gorge was considered to be the deepest in the world.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   Hundreds of tourists filed out of tour buses, trains and other vehicles  Thursday , destined to view the mile-deep gorge well known around the world.


Fret  [  fret  ]   [  noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (intr.v.) to brood or express discontent or worry 2. (intr.v.) to gnaw into, corrode or erode 3. (tr.v.) to vex, trouble or annoy 4. (tr.v.) to erode or corrode away or gnaw into 5. (n.) a mental state of being vexed, annoyed or irritated 6. (n.) erosion or corrosion   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   His nature caused him to frown upon the world and fret in a show of discontent.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   After years of wearing down metal frets and having pieces of his guitar rip off or malfunction during shows, Van Halen says he's built a guitar that even he can't destroy.


Minutiae  [  mi-NOO-shee-uh’, -shuh’, -NYOO-  ]   [  noun  ]   MEANING :   trivial, minute, minor or unnecessary details   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The new policies were concerned about the minutiae of every employee.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   The BBC declined to comment on Stourton's version of events, saying it would not be "discussing the minutiae" of the situation.


Fortitude  [  FAWR-ti-tood, -tyood  ]   [  noun  ]   MEANING :   courage, patience, determination, firmness or the inner strength to combat adversity   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The fortitude displayed by the warriors in holding off the enemy was a sight to behold.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   We showed some fortitude and thought 'no matter what happens we're going to get to the Grand Final'.


Muse  [  myooz  ]   [  noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (tr.v.) to meditate or think deeply 2. (intr.v.) to ponder or deeply meditate 3. (n.) a dreamy abstraction or a state of deep meditation 4. (n.) a poet 5. (n.) a guiding force or light or the source of one's inspiration   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   They often mused about the secrets of the universe.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   His 60,000 photos of the Big Bend must carry countless memories, unspoken things that act as muse and healer both.


Impunity  [  im-PYOO-ni-tee  ]   [  noun  ]   MEANING :   1. exemption or freedom from punishment, harm, loss or penalty 2. immunity to the repercussions of an action   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   Diplomats have various advantages over common people, impunity being the foremost.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   The group called it a "positive, but still insufficient, step in the fight against impunity" in the country, and said "many others -- numbering perhaps in the several hundreds -- must be investigated in Sierra Leone."


Comport  [  kuh' m-PAWRT, -POHRT  ]   [  transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (tr.v.) to behave or conduct oneself 2. (intr.v.) to agree, conform or harmonize   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   In Regency England, women were expected to always comport themselves in a ladylike manner.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   There is no recount procedure in place that comports with minimal constitutional standards

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