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denouement  [  dey-noo-MAHN  ]   [  noun  ]   MEANING :   1. the final outcome, resolution or clarification esp. narrative or drama 2. the final result or outcome of a series or sequence of events   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The denouement of the war was through a treaty.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   The most likely denouement now is that Nottinghamshire will do enough against Hampshire at Trent Bridge to win the silverware for the second time in four summers.


impasse [ IM-pas ] [ noun ] MEANING :   1. a situation from which there is no escape 2. a deadlock 3. a standstill or stalemate USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The impasse between labour and management was unlikely to be resolved. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : But he said the United States "holds the key" to breaking the impasse, and could convince Iran to halt its nuclear fuel program by offering security guarantees or a resumption of diplomatic relations with Tehran.


embellish [ em-BEL-ish ] [ transitive verb ] MEANING :  1. to add fanciful or fictitious details to 2. to decorate or adorn USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He embellished data on his loan application. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : A CV is an advert; it is not a legal document, and as such it is not illegal to embellish it.


acrid [ AK-rid ] [ adjective ] MEANING :  1. bitterly pungent, irritating or stinging to inhale or taste 2. caustic, bitter or acrimonious USAGE EXAMPLE  1 : The detergent has an acrid smell. USAGE EXAMPLE  2 : Another eyewitness David Buik, who was watching the blaze from his offices in Canary Wharf, said the fire was producing acrid smoke.


preeminent [ pree-EM-uh'-nuh'nt ] [ adjective ]  MEANING : 1. outstanding or a cut above the others 2. superior to or better than USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He is a preeminent actor and most of the new entrants into the profession try to emulate him. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :    One of America's preeminent political power couples made a rare joint appearance Friday, when Bill and Hillary Clinton took the stage at the former president's Clinton Global Initiative conference.


aperture  [  AP-er-cher  ]   [  noun  ]   MEANING :   1. a hole or opening 2. the adjustable opening in an optical instrument   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   When he peered through the aperture, he saw a strange world entirely different from the one in which he lived.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   Nasa used such an approach, called coded aperture imaging, for the Swift satellite that was sent aloft to spot gamma ray sources.


endearing [ en-DEER-ing ] [ adjective ] MEANING :  1. causing or inspiring to make well-liked or dear 2. manifesting affection USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Her most endearing quality was her helpful nature. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : The most endearing thing about Switzerland is that, away from the financial centres and the cities, Swiss life and Swiss people are unpretentious and uncomplicated.


exoneration [ig-ZON-uh’-rey-shuh’n]      [ noun ]      MEANING :      1. vindication, clearing or justification from censure or blame 2. the condition of being relieved or freed      USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :      His exoneration was a matter of national debate.      USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :      Pakistan Cricket Board may face a tough time in its efforts to defend the exoneration of fast bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif in a doping offence ATTENTION! We will now use Google+ to send you SMS. To continue following for free please SMS 'follow +vocabularyindia' to 98 70 80 70 70.


Palpable  [  PAL-puh’-buh’ l  ]   [  adjective  ]   MEANING :   1. able to be felt or touched 2. intense enough to be almost felt or touched; perceived with ease   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The tension in the courtroom as the Judge delivered the verdict was palpable.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   That they have been proved wrong and that they are the authors of their own misfortune is palpable.

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