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mountebank  [  MOUN-tuh’-bangk  ] [  noun, intransitive verb  ] MEANING : 1. (n.) one who, in a public place or from a platform, tells audiences stories and tricks them into buying quack medicines from himself or herself 2. (n.) a charlatan, boastful pretender or quack 3. (intr.v.) to operate, behave or act like a charlatan or mountebank USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The mountebank was arrested by the police on charges of selling drugs without prescriptions. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : It somehow comes as no surprise to discover that this prince of mountebanks was also a close friend of the Duke of Windsor.


simper  [  SIM-per  ]   [  intransitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (intr.v.) to grin or smile in a coy or silly manner 2. (tr.v.) to express or say by grinning coyly 3. (n.) a coy, shy or silly grin or smile   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   She simpered and tried to gain his attention.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   Lib Dem Nicol Stephen summons a soppy simper on his wistful, wee-boy phizzer.


rostrum  [  ROS-truh ’m  ]   [  noun  ]   MEANING :   1. a dais, stage or platform that is used for public speaking 2. a beak-like, curved prow of an ancient roman ship 3. (biology)a protrusion or extension that is curved   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The rostrum was checked by the security personnel.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   You're on the rostrum so it's not the end of the world but you're one position away from greatness.


simian  [  SIM-ee-uh’n  ] [  adjective  ] MEANING : 1. (adj.) pertaining to or characteristic of a monkey or an ape 2. (n.) a monkey, primate or ape USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His simian facial features made him stand out in a crowd. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : The marauding simian that gave residents of Kamakshipalya sleepless nights last week, attacked two more victims on Monday night: Anil Kumar, a youth who was sleeping outside his house in BDA Layout, was bit by the monkey in the thigh. Feedback: We value your support and suggestions: We are hiring development team to enhance your experience, and for that we will need to know, what should be done. You are requested to provide your feedback via following feedback form Click here to submit your suggestion 


sojourn  [  n. SOH-jurn; v. SOH-jurn, soh-JURN  ]   [  noun  ]   MEANING :   1. (n.) a trip, vacation or tour 2. (n.) a temporary or short term residence 3. (intr.v.) to visit or reside temporarily in some place   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   He decided to take a sojourn to Las Vegas.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   You could even bring a potted shrub or tree in from the garden for a short sojourn, covering any unsightly soil with a smart mulch of pebbles, shells, even glass marbles or old corks.


specious  [  SPEE-shuh’ s  ]   [  adjective  ]   MEANING :   1. having a characteristic of being logical and plausible when actually it is fictitious or not genuine deceptively beautiful or visually appealing   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The debate consisted mostly of specious arguments.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   In assessing what Palin's candidacy has meant for feminism, the question is not specious.


servile  [  SUR-vil, -vahyl  ]   [  adjective  ]   MEANING :   1. a fawning or submissive attitude 2. of or pertaining to slaves or servants   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The servile adoration of the servant angered him.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   Enslaved workers are also employed as domestic servants, working in kitchens or subjected to servile marriages.


saunter  [  SAWN-ter, SAHN-  ] [  transitive verb  ] MEANING : 1. (tr.v.) to walk or stroll in a relaxed manner or with a gentle gait 2. (n.) a relaxed, gentle gait 3. (n.) a stroll or unhurried, relaxed walk USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He sauntered around the park to gain her attention. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : So far, their new peace process is sauntering along at a casual pace. ADVERTISEMENT: GAIL, GAS, and Growing India Like GAIL and connect with growing India 


seraphic  [  si-RAF-ik  ]   [  adjective  ]   MEANING :   1. pure or angelic 2. of or pertaining to an angel or seraph   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   Her seraphic appearance fooled everyone.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   In response I gave a smile of seraphic serenity.

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