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sedition  [  si-DISH-uh’ n  ] [  noun  ] MEANING : rebellion or incitement against an authority or a government USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He was arrested on charges of sedition. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : Malaysian authorities charged three ethnic Indian activists with sedition yesterday in an apparent bid to stop a rally in support of a lawsuit that holds the British responsible for the Indians' economic woes. Advertisement: Buy Harra's beautiful unstitched suits online @


sallow  [  SAL-oh  ] [  adjective  ] MEANING : 1. (adj.) a sickly, yellow shade or hue of yellow 2. (tr.v.) to cause something to become sallow 3. (n.) a broad-leaved willow USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His sallow skin indicated that he had been sick for a long time. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : The plants they really clobber include ash, hazel, and sallow. And it's characteristic of all woods with high deer densities that bramble gets heavily browsed.


promulgate  [  PROM-uh’ l-geyt, proh-MUHL-geyt  ] [  transitive verb  ] MEANING : 1. to proclaim, declare or make known 2. to make effective or set forth USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The new law was promulgated by the government through the media. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : But, speaking only for me, I find the Paul VI Mass more spiritually nourishing (though any liturgy promulgated by the Church is good enough for me).


predilection  [  pred-l-EK-shuh’ n, preed-  ] [  noun  ] MEANING : 1. a prejudice or inclination to be partial towards something or someone USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His predilection towards people of his sect caused his political downfall. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : Bundle goodies in reused, recycled or resourced packages, which can range from simple to elegant based on your budget, the size of your wedding, your time, your preference and your…well, predilection for crafts.


retrieve [  ri-TREEV  ]   [  noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb  ]   MEANING :   1. (tr.v.) to recover or restore 2. (tr.v.)to repair or make amends 3. (tr.v.) to rescue or free 4. (tr.v.) to access and read 5. (tr. v.) to fetch game (in hunting) 6. (tr. v.) to return the ball (as in tennis) 7. (intr. v.) to fetch game (hunting) 8. (intr. v.) to return the ball (as in tennis) 9. (n.) an instance of retrieval 10. (n.) return of the ball (as in tennis)   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   The policeman retrieved the purse that had been stolen.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   It and the Dutch government have ended up lending money to Iceland so that their citizens can retrieve money from Landsbanki, one of the country’s nationalised banks.


precipice [  PRES-uh’-pis  ]   [  noun  ]   MEANING :   1. a very steep, vertical cliff 2. a perilous or dangerous predicament or situation   USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :   Successfully climbing the precipice was every rock climbers dream.   USAGE EXAMPLE 2 :   AIG said the company was "disappointed" that competitors were trying to take advantage of the situation, stressing that the mortgage losses that left AIG's parent company on a financial precipice had not undercut policyholders' surplus.

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