can·vass (k²n“v…s)

can·vass (k²n“v…s) v. can·vassed, can·vass·ing, can·vass·es. --tr.

1. To examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; scrutinize: “The evidence had been repeatedly canvassed in Indian courts”.

2.a. To go through (a region) or go to (persons) to solicit votes or orders. b. To conduct a survey of (public opinion); poll. --intr. 1. To make a thorough examination or conduct a detailed discussion. 2. To solicit voters, orders, or opinions.

--can·vass n.
1. An examination or discussion.
2. A solicitation of votes or orders.
3. A survey of public opinion. [From obsolete canvass, to toss in a canvas sheet as punishment, from canvas.] --can“vass·er n.


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