Surmount [ ser-MOUNT ][ verb ]MEANING :1. to exceed, overcome, conquer or prevail over
2. to rise to the top of
USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :He had surmounted many formidable hardships to reach where he is today.


Surmise [ v. ser-MAHYZ; n. ser-MAHYZ, SUR-mahyz ][ verb, noun]MEANING :1. (v.) to infer or suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it.
2. (n.) a supposition that something may be true, even though there is no evidence to confirm it.USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :Soon after entering the venue he surmised that something must be wrong.


Surly [ SUR-lee ]
adjective ]
1. ill-tempered, rude or churlish
2. threatening or menacing
3. dismal or gloomy
His surly temper made everyone wary of him.


Supercilious [ soo-per-SIL-ee-uh's ] [ adjective ] MEANING : behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others haughty, arrogant or disdainfully contemptuous USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Her supercilious attitude lost her many friends.


Sully [ SUHL-ee ] [ verb ] MEANING : 1. (verb) to damage, taint, or defile the purity or integrity of USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His reputation was sullied by gossip mongers.


Succulent [ SUHK-yuh’-luh ’nt ] [ adjective, noun ] MEANING : 1. (adj.) (of food) tender, juicy, and tasty
2. (adj.) (of a plant) having fleshy and thick tissues that are capable of storing water
3. (n.) a plant that is succulent USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The succulent steak is considered to be a delicacy.


Indicative [ in-DIK-uh’-tiv ] [ adjective, noun ] MEANING : 1. (adj.) Serving as a sign or indication of something
2. (adj.) Denoting a mood of verbs expressing simple statement of a fact.
3. (n.) a verb in the indicative mood USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Having recurrent dreams is not necessarily indicative of any psychological problem.