Wednesday, April 21, 2010


pall [ pawl ]
 noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb ]
 1. (n.) a coffin or the cloth used to cover a coffin or tomb
2. (n.) something that overspreads with gloom or shrouds with melancholy
3. (n.) a covering that darkens or obscures
4. (tr. v.) to cover with
5. (tr. v.) to satiate
6. (tr. v.) to make vapid or wearisome
7. (intr. v.) to have an effect that is boring or wearisome
 When their grandfather passed away they buried him in an expensive mahogany pall with cushioned satin lining.
 Markland's wife Corallee and sons Keelen, 10, and Logan, seven, waited outside the church as pall bearers lifted his coffin inside to the sounds of Amazing Grace.