How to Subscribe to Google English Vocabulary SMS Channel

Step 1: Logging in with your google account
Click on the following link
and log in with your google account, if you dont have a Google account, create a new account.


Step 2:  Set Mobile Number and Nick Name
Enter any nick name that you want to be called from on Google English Vocabulary SMS Channel
Enter your mobile number and press send verification code.

Step 3:  Enter the verification code received on your mobile.
Check Mark the agree to Terms and Condition checkbox and then enter the verification code you received in the respective box and press finish setup.

Step 4:  Finally Press the Subscribe button and its done.  Congratulations now you are a happy subscriber of English Vocabulary SMS Channel.  Learn with fun new English words daily sent to your mobile for free.

Congratulations, you are now a part of ever growing English Vocabulary SMS Channel family.



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