Acrophobia [ ak-ruh'-FOH-bee-uh' ][ noun ]MEANING :1. an abnormal fear of heights or high placesUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :Many pilots still enjoy flying even though they have some degree of acrophobia.


Emblazon [ em-BLEY-zuh' n ][ transitive verb ]MEANING :1. to adorn, decorate or inscribe with prominent or heraldic bearings
2. to decorate or display with brilliant or bright colours
3. to extol, celebrate, praise or make illustriousUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :Both the entrances were emblazoned with an intricate design.


Multifarious [ muhl-tuh’-FAIR-ee-uh’ s ][ adjective ]MEANING :diverse, varied or versatileUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :In the end it became very difficult to live with all the multifarious characters that inhabited his persona.


Malady [ MAL-uh'-dee ][ noun ]MEANING :1. a disease or a disorder or an ailment
2. an unhealthy or undesirable conditionUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :He suffered from an incurable malady.


Kickshaw [ KIK-shaw ][ noun ]MEANING :1. a fancy but insubstantial cooked dish, especially one of foreign origin
2. a trifle, gewgaw or trinketUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :The restaurant failed to impress with its long list of kickshaws.


Blasé [ blah-ZEY, BLAH-zey; Fr. bla*-ZEY ][ adjective ]MEANING :1. apathetic to, indifferent to or bored with worldly pleasures
2. sophisticated
3. nonchalant or unconcernedUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :After being fired from his job his attitude towards life turned blasé.


Conscript [ v. kuh'n-SKRIPT; n., adj. KON-skript ][ noun, adjective, transitive verb ]MEANING :1. (n.) a recruit enlisted by force
2. (tr. v.) to force or draft into the armed forces
3. (adj.) draftedUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :The despot’s army consisted only of conscripts.