Asinine [ AS-uh'-nahyn ][ adjective ]MEANING :1. foolish, silly or stupid
2. pertaining to an assUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :His asinine statements embarrassed the audience.


Abomination [ uh'-bom-uh'-NEY-shuh'n ][ noun ]MEANING :1. abhorrence, detestation or disgust
2. the cause of abhorrence or wickednessUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :In my heart of hearts, I think unenforceable laws such as these are abominations that bring the entire legal system into disrepute.


Pragmatic [ prag-MAT-ik  ][ noun, adjective ]MEANING :1. (adj.) practical or matter-of-fact
2. (adj.) pertaining to facts and actual incidents
3. (n.) practical sanctionsUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :The government has devised a pragmatic solution to the problem of the steep rise in food prices.


Filial [ FIL-ee-uh' l ][ adjective ]MEANING :1. pertaining to a child or offspring
2. pertaining to a series of generations succeeding the parental generationUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :The sailor was overwhelmed with the display of filial affection.


Elicit [ i-LIS-it ][ transitive verb ]MEANING :to bring out, educe, evoke or arrive atUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :His work elicited enormous public interest.


Blithe [ blahyth', blahyth ][ noun ]MEANING :1. happy, merry or light-hearted
2. carefree, casual or lacking concernUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :She shows a blithe disregard for danger.


Karaoke [ kar-ee-OH-kee ][ noun, adjective ]MEANING :An act where a person sings along a music video with the lyrics of the song being displayed on a screenUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :She took up karaoke to overcome her stage fright.