Premonition [ pree-muh'-NISH-uh'n, prem-uh' ][ noun ]MEANING :1. a forewarning or an advance warning
2. an intuition of a future unwelcome occurrence
3. a foreboding or a feeling that evil is approachingUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :I had a strong premonition of doom, the unmistakable feeling that I was walking into a trap.


Bemoan [ bi-MOHN ][ transitive verb ]MEANING :1. to display grief
2. to convey regret or disapprovalUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He never once complained or bemoaned the cruel hand life dealt him.


Ignoble [ ig-NOH-buh' l ][ adjective ]MEANING :1. not belonging to the nobility; of humble rank or lineage
2. base; low; of inferior gradeUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :There is also a strong message that vengeance is ignoble, and sacrificing oneself for any higher cause is honorable.


Assuage [ uh'-SWEYJ, uh'-SWEYZH ][ transitive verb ]MEANING :1. to ease or reduce the severity of something
2. to mollify, calm, soothe or pacify
3. to quench or appeaseUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :The task of a counselor is to pursue the best interests of the child and not assuage parental feelings.


Imprudent [ im-PROOD-nt ][ adjective ]MEANING :unwise, rash or lacking good judgementUSAGE EXAMPLE 1 :His imprudent actions caused a lot of problems.


Canard  [ kuh'-NAHRD; Fr. ka*-NA*R* ][ noun ]MEANING :a spiteful report created to cause harm.USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :Where he ventures to substantiate his canard (if canards can at all be substantiated), he falls flat on his face.


Clemency [ KLEM-uh'n-see ][ noun ]MEANING :1. the quality of being merciful or having the disposition to show leniency or compassion
2. the act of being merciful
3. mildness of (weather)USAGE EXAMPLE 1 :He pleaded guilty and begged the court for clemency.